Month: December 2014

How Albury NSW Chiropractic Doctor Offers Postural Correction Therapy

A balanced and healthy spine is required for the normal operation of interconnected muscles, nerves, and joints. An incorrect posture means that the spine is no longer in an aligned state, and that can cause a host of problems including pain and restricted range of motion. The Albury chiropractor advises on postural correction therapy to alleviate physical distress and facilitate regular function.

3 Ways To Reduce Sugar, Miracle Berries Included

Sugar is a component that most of us seemingly cannot get enough of. Try as we might, it’s difficult to keep our levels of intake maintained, which is a problem when given just how many nutrients the human body requires. When it comes to securing said nutrients, it’s all a matter of keeping sugar reduced to more reasonable levels. Along with miracle berries, here are 3 of he best ways to ensure that this positive change in health occurs.

Olive Oil & 3 Missteps To Avoid

I think it should be noted that olive oil, in general, is one of the healthiest points of discussion to focus on. Very few can argue with such a point, especially when given the fact that this product is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients alike. In comparison to other cooking and culinary oils, this is a standout. Of course, there are ways in which it can be misused. To better understand what this topic entails, here are 3 common mistakes made with the oil in question.

An Aromatherapy Neck Wrap Pillow Encourages Relaxation And Better Health

Aromatherapy has gained enormous support since it was reintroduced during the 1980s, but using fragrance to promote personal well-being is an ancient practice. Concentrates of plant oils have long been used to make perfumes, as medications, in cosmetics, and to create personal hygiene products. Today they are being used to elevate moods and improve daily life. An aromatherapy neck wrap pillow is a convenient way to begin experiencing those results.