ALS & Advocacy Efforts With Stuart Millheiser

When you learn about ALS, you’ll start to see just how many people it winds up impacting. Not only does it do a toll on their physical wellbeing, but their emotional health may not be what it once was. It’s for these reasons that you should try to make a difference. How can this be done, you may wonder? With the help of Stuart Millheiser, here are just a few of the ways in which you will be able to make a difference that few can disregard.

If you want to know about the most direct ways to help – and Stuart Millheiser can say the same – donations are worthwhile. Keep in mind that ALS research is extensive, meaning that financial backing is required so that continuous efforts can be made. Even if you cannot donate a whole lot, a few dollars or so can make a difference if everyone chips in. It’s a great method that, in numbers, can make a difference. All one has to do is get involved.

There’s also the matter of support groups that, in my opinion, is worth looking into for ALS patients and their loved ones alike. For the aforementioned patients, discussion can be made about the condition in question, as well as changes to be made in order to feel the utmost comfort. Not only are these groups great for informational purposes, but the bonding that can be done will matter as well. In regards to ALS, no one should feel like they’re alone.

What about the many events which are held in order to drive and raise awareness further? One of the examples is an event created by the ALS Association, known as Walk to Defeat ALS. Not only have thousands upon thousands of people registered, for this purpose, but the fact that it raised millions of dollars cannot be overlooked. It’s important to bring up awareness, as Stuart Millheiser can tell you, rendering events such as these that much more worthwhile.

Of course, these are just a few ways in which one can make a difference, as far as ALS is concerned. With such an unfortunate condition that plagues so many people, Stuart Millheiser can attest to the fact that anyone can make a difference. It’s just a matter of where your efforts are going into, which is why the aforementioned points are ones worth discussing. In due time, you will start to see just how much of a difference your own advocacy can make.

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