What You Need To Know About Hair Thinning From Weave

Weaves are quick fix hairstyles that require little active maintenance. This is why they are so popular in today’s fast paced world. Women are too busy to be worrying about the time that it will take to get a lovely hairstyle and so many of them opt for weaves. This trend has led to an increase in the occurrence of hair thinning from weave, a condition that affects women all over the world.

This is situation that women face whether they get these hairstyles done at home or in a professional salon. Sometimes it is a matter of the technique that is used but at other times it is triggered by the quality of the products that are used or the manner in which the style is maintained. It is a problem that has been discussed on many fashion blogs and cosmetic forums.

One of the methods of installing weaves is by sewing them in. This method entails a process in which the stylist first creates some cornrows in the customers hair. This is followed by the sewing of wefts of locks into the cornrows. The tightness of the cornrows themselves places intense pressure on the follicles causing breakage and loss as well as thinning. More of this happens when the thread is cut from the cornrows, taking with it some of the strands, as the style is removed.

This thinning effect is often because of the glue that is used during the installation of weaves. The glue is often used to line cornrows of hair to which each waft of locks is attached. When this is being removed, original strands rooted in the scalp can become attached to the glue and then get pulled away from their roots leading to thinning or bald spots.

Bacterial infections are common with tight weaves, which occur with both sew-ins as well as glue-ins. If the braids that are used as the foundation for the style are too tight they may break the skin at the hairline or in other areas of the scalp. When the broken skin is infiltrated by dirt or bacteria infection results. This infection, if not treated can lead to permanent thinning or balding.

One of the reasons that women’s hair gets thin when they wear this style is the methods they use to maintain the hairstyle. Some women attempt to lengthen the life of their weaves and this is something that all cosmetic experts warn against as it causes follicle damage and strand loss. Experts advised that the typical weave should be removed after twelve weeks and do not recommend extending its life beyond this time.

In addition to complications of tightly done braids and poor installation and removal practices, weave wearers have to contend with the potential for adverse reactions between their body and the products used for the style. The glue that holds the wefts in place is often the source of this negative reaction. Sometimes it is an ingredient in the synthetic locks. Either way, the wearer may ignore the allergic reaction, especially if it is happening for the first time, until it becomes too late.

For many women the hair loss may be temporary, but for some it turns into a permanent condition. This has a really negative impact on the woman’s self esteem. This is why so many victims of this conditions seek the assistance of experts in the fields of dermatology or trichology.

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