The Benefits Of Dental Implants Norfolk VA

Every time we go out in public, our teeth are on display. If they are broken, missing, or terribly crooked, people have a hard time noticing anything else. This is the reason false teeth have been popular for centuries. Dental implants Norfolk VA clinics are the modern advance to cosmetic dentistry. Good teeth are not only for show, of course. They help us eat and talk, too.

Life in general – and modern life in particular – is hard on teeth. Refined and sugary foods cause decay. People in a hurry fail to brush, floss, and visit the dentist as often as good oral hygiene demands. Early childhood nutrition and daily diet as adults affects how well our teeth will stand up to the years of use and abuse. Illness can cause discoloration and loss, and injury can knock them right out of your head.

Going around with a gap in your smile is no fun. This used to be standard for people in frontier days. Later, when dentures became more popular, a gap-toothed grin was perceived as a mark of poverty. The stereotypes included toothless grandmas rocking by the hearth, informers lurking in alleys, and Appalachian mothers with flocks of children.

False teeth helped many retain the look if not the feel of the real thing. Although dentures could slip, making eating and talking difficult, and took some of the pleasure out of every morsel of food, at least people could smile when introduced to others. Trying to get well-fitting and natural-looking dentures could become a long quest.

Bridges are partial dentures, designed to replace one tooth or a few missing ones. They hook onto real teeth, which is not good for the ones used as support. However, they can make things easier for those who have lost their two front teeth or a molar or two. These partial replacements are less uncomfortable than full dentures but are often a temporary solution.

Implanting a tooth is a permanent solution. No matter why the original tooth was lost, an oral surgeon can place a titanium post in the socket and build a lifelike tooth on it. The bone of the jaw fuses to the post, making it as secure as the original root. The crown which covers the post is fashioned to match your remaining teeth, giving a completely realistic appearance to your smile.

This, of course, takes all the disadvantages out of wearing false teeth. There is no more covering the roof of the mouth with plastic. There is no more slippage. A carefully matched implant looks like a natural tooth that has received due care forever. Event the color can be matched exactly to your own remaining teeth.

Finding dental implant specialists in Norfolk VA is easy. Schedule a free consultation to see if you have the bone structure to make this procedure successful. It is an affordable and relatively painless way to regain what you may have lost to time, injury, illness, or poor oral hygiene. Getting your smile back will be a new lease on life.

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