The Benefits Of Equine Bone And Joint Support

Horses have always captured people’s hearts. They are strong, swift, and beautiful in motion. Once free to run over grassy hills, these animals are now used for all sorts of things from pulling heavy loads to excelling at extreme sports. Equine bone and joint support supplements are designed to help keep horses sound and pain-free in spite of the demands placed upon their bodies.

Equine supplements range from single nutrients like biotin to formulas that supply essential vitamins and minerals that may be missing from regular forage. Horses once ranged freely over miles of territory, eating a variety of plants that gave them everything they needed. Now they live in stalls, eating hay that is at most composed of a few types of grass, or else they graze in fenced fields.

Pastures may offer more of a variety than hay, but they are often seeded and mowed to make them lush and as pretty as a lawn. Mowing keeps the grasses from setting seed. The seeds are where horses get nutrients like Vitamin E, fatty acids, and calcium, things needed for optimum health. For this reason, most feeds formulated for horses contain added vitamins and minerals.

Horses put to work are under additional stress. This is where nutrients targeted to keeping bones strong and joints flexible come in. Some of the most familiar nutrients are glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid. All of these are natural substances that provide the building blocks for bone, cartilage, and joint fluid.

Many other nutrients can help an equine athlete withstand the huge demands of performance sports. Consider the jumpers, which are asked for extreme effort in training as well as in competition. They must push off from the ground with enough force to lift their massive weight up and over an obstacle. The simple fact that such a gigantic animal can leap so high is part of the fascination of the sport.

Then there is the landing. The entire weight of the animal – plus the rider – lands on one foot and then is pushed off as the rest of the body moves forward to clear the jump and regain balance. This action is done over and over during training and competition. No wonder the many bones of the legs and feet are subject to pain and perhaps career-ending lameness.

Specialized formulas give the horse what it needs to recover from this kind of stress and to repair damaged tissues. Different products have been designed for all levels of physical performance. In other cases, horses may need more nutrition because of age alone. Arthritis can affect aging animals just like it does humans. Starting supplements early can help prevent or delay age-related problems in the skeletal system of your beloved equines.

Aging is another form of stress that requires extra nutrition. There are all sorts of formulas designed to make your horse more comfortable and keep him sound and healthy longer. Manufacturers of specialized formulas are able to help owners choose the perfect supplement for the level of activity of each horse. Trainers all have their favorite products, too, so look for professional endorsements.

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