Discover Your Best Smile With Brooklyn Cosmetic Dental Office And Care

The presence of tooth misalignment, gaps and stains can affect the ability to smile with confidence and may lead to a number of operational problems. A number of cosmetic solutions are made available for individual needs including restoration for veneers, whitening, dental implants, and alignment methods. Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry offers unique community services to assist in producing an attractive set of teeth.

Damages to the teeth and stains caused by accidents, medical disorders, and prescription medication will require individualized healthcare strategies. An experienced dentist will advise on modern cosmetic measures that will include permanent correction. A beautiful smile can be restored with invasive and non-surgical alternatives according to individual needs.

Tooth loss attributed to accidents or periodontal cases can be enhanced with dental implants. A prosthetic tooth is able to function as a natural set would and is fixed into the jawline to address the gaps in your smile. It is a costly solution with alternatives including bridgework or dentures to restore the appeal of teeth.

Stains and discoloration can be enhanced with whitening procedures that are performed in the dental office. The practitioner can determine which strategy is most effective to restore the color and condition of teeth depending on the cause for darkened enamel. Surface stains respond best to bleaching; however discoloration from within the tooth requires an alternative solution.

Minor chips, stains and cracks can be corrected with porcelain veneers. The veneer remains a popular option for enhancement and consists of a ceramic shell bonded to the natural tooth to conceal the damage and discoloration. It is not recommended for severe cases of damage that will require alternative methods of correction to produce a healthy looking smile.

For a smile that is impacted by severe gaps, discoloration, chips and tooth loss, cosmetic modifications provide long term solutions for wellness. A professional consult includes an examination of the cavities and recommendations for oral wellness. The dentist can advise on permanent techniques that can be implemented to enhance the appearance and operation of teeth.

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