Attraction marketing is not a new concept, it’s an old strategy of selling applied to a new media – the web. Where at a previous time sales folk had to attend trade shows and conferences, possible call, or maybe the old technique of door-to-door selling was all based totally on attraction marketing. Fundamentally your personality sold the product, folks liked you, so they acquired.

There’s a massive resurgence in attraction marketing today online and that’s because it works, and one of the best methods to use this strategy is thru video. YouTube gets literally billions of hits every month. If someone has an interest in a product and have questions they may search for a video about it. If you have made a video about your product, then someone may click thru and purchase the product from you. They understand you took time to make the video and review the product, so you are rewarded with a sale. There actually is no easier way for marketing on the Web than by using video.

An Attraction Marketing System Means Selling Yourself

The foundation of attraction marketing is about selling yourself you set yourself up as very experienced on your product. You can go about attraction marketing in some ways, you can write useful reviews, talk about your product on a blog, build a website about it or advertise your product using YouTube – in any of these strategies you are revealing your personality and experience.

Folk start to relate to you and trust you, then notice that you put a lot of effort into knowing what you know and that is when they’re most liable to purchase from you.

One of the mistakes that people make today is how they write articles. Many internet marketers basically have other people write their articles for them, and a few of these writers do not write English naturally, it is their 2nd language. I need to congratulate them for their entrepreneurialism, but very often what they write is incomprehensible and full of spelling and grammar errors, turning the reader off after one or two seconds.

If you choose products that you have a belief in and are are actually positive about, this will reflect in the articles you write about them and these articles should be drafted in a conversational and agreeable manner. Your visitor will understand your enthusiasm through your writing. They can appreciate that you know what you are talking about and have analyzed everything carefully and again that enhances trust.

Use Multi Media for Attraction Marketing

Writing good articles is just one little aspect of attraction marketing. Video is much better if you’re going to show your face, which you must in a video , there’s no way you can outsource that to somebody in another country! Attraction marketing is the way to successful marketing and you will see that all of the top Net marketers use video as the best way to market their companies.

Article writing is only one little part of attraction marketing. Video is a far better medium and you actually can’t hire someone who resides in the Far East to do that for you! By making a video you are right away branding yourself by showing your face. All successful marketing depends on attraction marketing and you will see that the most prominent folks in your industry use it for promoting their firms.

The Best Attraction Marketing System

Imagine working less than an hour per day to draw in 10-20 new leads per day… Or even more. Imagine personally sponsoring 10-15 new team builders per month without ever hectoring your family or mates or making an outwards bound call to tire-kicker, unmotivated generic business proposition hunter leads. Imagine ultimately welcoming a real attraction marketing system literally guaranteed to produce a result when you have it set up.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. You simply need the right team, training and step by step attraction marketing system that works.

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