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Wedding Certificates

Needs for Recorded papers could be produced in person, by mail, or by using the self service page in the event that you will be picking right up the copies in person. We try not to accept needs for copies of papers by phone, fax, or email. Some papers could be bought online by way of a independent partner business which will mail the papers for your requirements. Details and a web link with their web web site are from the Ordering reports on line web web page. The County Clerk for those who plan to marry and need to obtain a Marriage License or for copies of Confidential Marriage Certificates, contact.

Make sure the given information you supply is complete and accurate. We find nothing, we are not able to refund the fee if you request a copy of an official record and. The Ca Statutes need us to hold the cost as being a search cost. See our charge schedule.

Our location, hours, and mailing target are on our Recorder Contact page.

Ca delivery, death, fetal death, nevertheless delivery, wedding, and breakup documents will also be maintained by California Department of Public Health public record information (CDPH). They will have information and kinds to improve or amend an archive, add or alter a moms and dad’s title, planning certificates that are new adoptions, and alterations in paternity information.

Limited Copies

Anybody may get a limited certified copy of a wedding record. The record is for informational purposes just and may even never be utilized to ascertain identification. Limited copies could have over the real face for the document the text:


Unrestricted Copies

If you want a certified content to have a license, passport, or sign up for insurance plan you ought not make use of restricted certified copy. To acquire an unrestricted certified content of a wedding record you need to be one of several after:

  • The registrant(s) or a moms and dad or guardian that is legal of registrant(s)
  • An event entitled to have the record due to a court purchase, or a legal professional or perhaps an adoption that is licensed searching for the record so that you can conform to what’s needed of part 3140 or 7603 for the Family Code
  • An associate of a police force agency or even a agent of some other government agency, as given by law, that is performing business that is official
  • A young child, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling associated with s that are registrant(
  • Legal counsel representing the registrant(s) or the registrant’s property, or anybody or agency empowered by statute or appointed by way of a court to behave on behalf of the registrant(s) or the registrant’s property

Divorce Decrees

A breakup decree is just a court document given by a judge which finalizes your divorce or separation. They’re not filed aided by the Recorders workplace. In case the breakup happened within the past 5 years, you may get copies through the Fresno Superior Court Family Law division. Informative data on divorces that happened more than 5 years ago can be obtained through the Court Archives center.

What you should offer:

  • Title of this person that is first
  • Title of this person that is second
  • Date for the wedding
  • City where in fact the permit had been given
  • Complete parts 1 through 3 regarding the type. Your signature must certanly be witnessed with a clerk within our workplace for the copy that is unrestricted. It generally does not have to legit be notarized.
  • Title of this person that is first
  • Title of this 2nd individual
  • Date associated with wedding
  • City where in fact the permit ended up being released
  • Complete parts 1 through 3 from the kind. Your signature must certanly be notarized for the unrestricted content.
  • The name and target of the individual or agency to who the copies should be came back
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